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‘My Wife Sells Waakye But She Makes A Lot Of Money Than Most Of These So-Called Celebs’- Kwaw Kese




Rapper Kwaw Kese has emphasised in a new interview that fame without money is meaningless, using his wife as a case study.

The Abodam man revealed for the first time that his gorgeous wife sells Waakye (a popular local delicacy) but makes more money than most of the celebrities we have in Ghana.

In an interview with MzGee on TV3, Kwaw Kese further revealed that his wife abandoned her career and ventured into selling because what she was earning was peanut.

“My wife is doing better than a lot of people that are on TV… In Ghana, I should be bold and say this: the actresses they are not making money from acting. No. Even some of the musicians are not making money from doing music… If my wife is on TV and she is being paid peanuts and everybody sees her…But it is not reflecting in the pocket…She doing better than she was on TV. And I think everyone wants to improve in life,” he stated




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The Richest Footballer in the World, Not Messi not Ronaldo.




We are very much too familiar with the World’s best players that football history would ever come across. And we most times would think they most obviously would be the richest. The shocking truth is that they both are not. Even when Messi and Ronaldo’s wealth are combined together, they aren’t up to this young man.
Who is this young man? Faiq Bolkiah. The 20-year-old Leicester academy midfielder is the most valued player in the world, even though he has yet to make a senior appearance for Leicester city. Otherwise known as the foxes.
The young reserve player is the nephew of the sultan of Brunei with an estimated networth of €15 billion nothing compared to Messi and Ronaldo.

Source: Opera News


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James Bond Will Remain Male – Producer




‘No Time To Die’, which will be released in April, marks Craig’s final outing as 007, and his replacement has not yet been announced.

“James Bond can be of any colour, but he is male,” producer Barbara Broccoli told Variety.

“I believe we should be creating new characters for women‒ strong female characters.

“I’m not particularly interested in taking a male character and having a woman play it. I think women are far more interesting than that.”

The forthcoming ‘Bond’ film would see actress Lashana Lynch play a female 00 agent after Craig’s ‘Bond’ has left active service.

Lynch was seen in character for the first time in the trailer, reigniting the conversation about whether James Bond himself could be re-cast as a woman for the next film.

Broccoli oversees the franchise with her half-brother Michael G Wilson. “For better or worse, we are the custodians of this character,” she said. “We take that responsibility seriously.”

The pair reflected on how the Craig era has altered the direction of the franchise.

Pierce Brosnan’s final ‘Bond’ film, 2002’s ‘Die Another Day’, was a financial success but was criticised for pushing the boundaries of realism.

The film’s plot involved a giant space laser and an invisible car.

“We got too fantastical,” Wilson said, referring to the film. “We had to come back to Earth.”

Craig’s era has, in contrast, more closely resembled the original character Ian Fleming wrote.

Martin Campbell, the director of ‘Golden Eye’ and ‘Casino Royale’, admitted he was not convinced Craig was the correct choice to begin with, but came around with Broccoli’s persuasion.

“To be honest, it took me a little while to see it,” he said. “Daniel’s acting was terrific, but he wasn’t a pretty boy. Barbara was adamantly in favour of him.”

Craig had originally indicated he would not return to the series, but agreed to film one more after speaking with Broccoli.

“Barbara doesn’t take no for an answer,” Craig said. “It’s not in her wheelhouse.

“I had a nice long break, which I really needed. And then she was just persistent and came to me with some ideas, which we started formulating, and I got excited again.”



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Man releases pre-wedding photo with his bride’s face blurred




A pre-wedding photo released on Facebook is currently making rounds on social media after it caught the attention of many on the platform. The photo showed the bride and groom but something strange was also featured on it.

In the pre-wedding photo shared by the groom-to-be, Rabiu Biyora, the bride’s face was blurred.

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This caught the attention of many who were left confused. Biyora had released the pre-wedding photo with invitation.

From the invitation, the wedding had taken place on the first Sunday of the year. It took place on Sunday, January 5, in Yola. The invite also identified Biyora’s wife as Fateema Mansur Sani.


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