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Vigilante refers to a member of a self appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their communities without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate .

Vigilante entered English in the 19th century borrowed from the Spanish word of the same spelling which meant “watchman, guard ” in that language . The Spanish word can be traced back to the Latin vigilare ,meaning ” to keep awake ” the earliest use of the word in English was to refer to a vigilance committee ,a committee organized to suppress and punish crime summarily, as when the legal process appears inadequate .

In Ghana ,this word has been misconstrued , abused and it has gained alarming notoriety in the Ghanaian parlance for the very wrong reasons and whenever vigilante is mentioned ,the only thing which readily comes to mind is the use of well built young macho men to met out violence on innocent citizens whose only crime is that they have dared to challenge or disagree with the position of their paymasters .

Historically, around the early 200s, Ghanaians woke up one gory day only to realize that an ardent supporter of the NDC and the Rawlings’s by name Mr Sofo Azorka had mobilised a group of young men to visit violence on some party members including Mr Francis Essiem for allegedly insulting former President Rawlings at one of their party’s Congress which as usual of Ghanaians received some condemnation but after a number of events,the group came to be accepted as “Azorka boys” .

In a sharp rebuttal , the then youth organizer of New Patriotic Party, Mr Mogtar Bamba also formed a similar group who got to be known as the” Bamba boys” who also visited in equal measure violence on citizens and caused tension amongst Ghanaians especially during by election and general election .

Beside the verbal condemnation of the actions carried out by these criminal groups there was no conscious effort by people in authority especially the security agencies to crackdown on these groups.

It therefore never came as a shock to many political watchers when several of such groups like ;the Invincible Forces ,Bolga Bulldogs and Delta forces reared their ugly heads for the first time in the political scene causing violence on innocent Ghanaians and in some cases members of the same party which reared them with delight to visit violence on their political opponents .

Shamelessly ,the National Democratic Congress which left the corridors of power barely two years ago has suddenly lost confidence in the the Ghana police service to offer them enough security also initiated their hoodlums called the Hawks who have also started acting in such violent and criminal ways on their own members with disdain after a conversation had already been provoked following the shameful and needless national security action at Ayawaso west wagon .

In the last two weeks ,several solutions have been offered including integrating these groups into the mainstream security services which open the flood gates for impunity and also increase the mistrust of the Ghanaian towards our security services.

Another suggestion from the President is that ,the NPP and NDC should meet and disband these groups or rather he will do that through a legislation. Respectfully we have the best of laws which if well applied could bring these lawless acts to an end because laws in themselves do not bring about actions but it beholds on the law enforcement agencies to strictly enforce these laws without fear or favor .

Alternatively ,our president should focus his energy on ensuring that the Inspector General of Police delivers by either disbanding all these groups without further delay or take a bow out of his position.

Lastly,His Excellency the President must ensure that more attractive jobs are created for the teaming unemployed youth either directly or in partnership with the private sector to prevent these youth who are always used as tools by these political parties to carryout their dirty works in the name of vigilante groups.

By:Alhassan .M.FATAWU

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Why Yvonne Nelson Did Not Attend John Dumelo’s Wedding




Over the weekend, actor John Dumelo had his white wedding at Royal Senchi and that had been one of the most trending news till now.

Several celebrities trooped to the event grounds to support the couple but one person missing in action was his ex bestie Yvonne Nelson.

From the pictures and videos circulating online, we had seen Nadia Buari who happened to be the main bride’s maid, Yvonne Okoro, Sandra Ankobiah, Jackie Appiah and several others.

Yvonne Nelson who was missing even though she was in the country sent a very strong message across. Were they fighting thus she didn’t go? Were there issues between the two so John didn’t invite her?

Well, according to Yvonne Okoro, John invited Yvonne Nelson to his white wedding but there was a family emergency and she had to cancel at the last minute.

That’s what Yvonne Okoro explained to a fan who asked why her colleague Yvonne Nelson was nowhere to be found.

Even if Yvonne Nelson had an emergency to attend to, it’s been almost 48 hours after the event but she hasn’t made a single post to congratulate her bosom friend John but she has made a series of posts both on her Instagram page and story.

This is where we think there is something wrong; the two paddies might probably be quarreling thus she didn’t attend his wedding and hasn’t posted anything yet. Let’s see if she will post eventually.

Here’s a screenshot of Yvonne Okoro telling a fan the reason why Yvonne Nelson couldn’t make it to John’s wedding.

Source: peace

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Mrs. Akua O. Boateng Appointed As Ghana University Student Chamber Patron.




The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration of the Republic of Ghana has assigned Mrs. Akua Ofosua Boateng, Assistant Director IIB/Multilateral Relations Bureau at the Ministry as Patron/Advisor for the University Student Chamber-Ghana.
The Ministry made this known in a letter dated 29th April, 2019 addressed to the President of the University Student Chamber-Ghana, Mr. Addo Benjamin Armah.

Mrs. Akua Ofosua Boateng, the patron of University Student Chamber-Ghana.

UNISC Ghana had written to the Ministry requesting it to appoint one person to the position of a Patron/Advisor of the organization.

The Ministry assured UNISC Ghana of its highest consideration and in fulfilling their request appointed Mrs. Akua Ofosua Boateng, a selfless, devoted and determined woman, who tries her best to make the best out of anything!


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It seems to be a characteristic of all those who have the green blood flowing through them because what they seem to have very little difficulty in doing aside great academics and well behaved gentlemen, they seem to find a way to always give back. One may ask whether Prempeh College teaches “donation” as part of its major courses because everyone seems to have passed the test.
What happened this time round?

It seems the prefects of the 2018/2019 academic year have proved to be really worthy of that title.
The team as part of its hand over decided to show its sports men gratitude for beating their rivals(Opoku Ware School) and all other schools in Ashanti Region and proving that Prempeh College comes first and is never second to anyone in any competition.

The Prefects were grateful to the sports men for winning the Inter-Colleges but were more than overwhelmed when they topped it up with winning the Superzonals which had been one title the college had been waiting for a long time.
The 2018/2019 team of prefects launched their project to show its rivals how a project looks when we talk of internal house affairs which usually excluded aesthetics.
The team of Prefects led by the Domestic Headboy, Snr. Neizer Dennis Kofi and Senior House Prefect, Snr. Boansi Divine; launched the donation of jerseys with a football match on the 13th of April, 2019 on the College Stadium.
The Prefects had gone through a balloting for the various team members led by various captains who happen to be Snr. Agyemang Akwasi Prempeh (College Prefect I), Snr. Nti Darkwah Koduah (College Prefect II), Snr. Neizer Dennis Kofi (College Prefect III) and Snr. Divine Boansi (College Prefect IV). Who upon their great prestige, decided to sweat it all out to defend their teams and lead them to victory.

The matches were tough as most of the prefects seemed to have hidden strength and skill stored up in a bank waiting for an opportunity to unleash them under a wonderful project such as this. After four (4) hours of football, good music and commentary, the captain of the side; Snr. Neizer Dennis Kofi, won the tournament after beating Team Divine 5-4 on a penalty shootout.
Winning Captain and Project’s Manager, Snr. Neizer tells us “we know our boys are very good in the field of sports but we really want to prove ourselves better by making sure we provide all the facilities the sports men need to help us excel in all the fields leaving nothing out. As such, we have realized we have fallen short in the field of soccer and deem it fit to try with all resources possible to better that side of our great sports department. I hope those boys over there will learn to make the engine run better without “huffing and puffing” rather than trying to spray the vehicle itself with a different colour. I pray this initiative goes a long to motivate my seniors to do more and also serve as an excellent template for the next batch of prefects to also translate from. Thank you”
Speaking in a meeting with the headmaster, the Prefects were happy that their kind gesture was upheld by the whole College body which came to support during the match to make everything successful. Above all, they are happy about the unity that was created and pray that this becomes a humble beginning to a longer flight of stairs towards greatness.

We wish all the final years a successful WASSCE in the few weeks ahead as they round up their stay on campus.


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