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UG Court Overrules G.A decision to cancel SRC Week


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The judicial board of the Students’ Representative Council has heard and overturned the case pertaining to the resolution of the SRC General Assembly to halt the celebration of the 59th SRC week Celebration dubbed “Vortex”.

On the 12th February, 19 members of the General Assembly won the vote against 17 members with 12 members who shoes to abstain from voting. Hence the motion moved for the complete elimination of the SRC week celebration was upheld despite attempts by the SRC president, Esinam Afi Seade to convince the house that it shouldn’t be completely taken away. What led to the house cancelling the hall week was that the executive body had allocated GH₵40,000 for the General Assembly to approve for the celebration of the week.

The judicial panel consisted of 5 justices and was presided over by Justice Greg Asiedu. An SRC aspirant – Derrick Schandorf Ayirebi-Acquah – the plaintiff prayed the court to overturn the ruling of the General Assembly as it was prejudicial to Article 4(2) of the SRC Constitution.

Article 4(2) of the SRC Constitution reads; “For the purpose of achieving these objectives, the SRC shall organize lectures, symposia, debates, publications and such other activities as are necessary, the SRC shall celebrate its week which shall fall within the First Semester of the academic year, with the actual date to be fixed by the General Assembly, and where impossible, to be fixed by the Executive Officers in consultation with the Dean of Student Affairs.”

Esinam Afi Seade, the SRC president also joined the suit in fulfillment of Article 17(9) of the SRC Constitution. Article 17(9) states that: “The SRC president shall represent the SRC in any court in which proceedings against or on behalf of the SRC are heard.” She also tendered in evidence showing that the Executives had met with the Dean of Students to determine a new date.

Esinam Shot In The Face! No SRC Week Celebration In UG

After going through the various evidences presented, the court therefore ruled that: “The General Assembly has no power to cancel the celebration”.

This presents a victory for SRC President Esinam Afi Seade and her former PRO Derrick Schandorf Ayirebi-Acquah.


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The joyous moment, knowing you will be officially admitted into a university. This was written boldly on the faces of all freshers as the gravitated towards the school auditorium with high speed (laughter).


On the 12th of October, 2019, the class of 2023 were officially matriculated.
This ceremony has actually taken place on all UDS campuses.

Before the ceremony began, Ecowas Hall and Savannah hall were with full energy as they walk the resident freshers of the hall. As a matter of fact, it was the first time seeing Ecowas Hall and Savannah Hall having ” JAMA” together. It was all love.


As early as 8am the Principal together with his subordinates processed in. After the procession the school anthem was sung
A prayer was offered by the various religious groups on campus, the Christians and the Muslims.
The Deans and their associates were also introduced.
Meanwhile, the registrar was represented by the campus officer.
Before the matriculants sworn the oath, the principal delivered a speech.

Upon his delivery, he congratulates the matriculants on the day.
He stated that, the matriculation marks the end of admission and the formal admission into the school.
You need to know the reason for coming to school and the need to achieve that purpose. He said.

In his submission, all admitted candidates were admitted upon certain merits. Addressing the congregation, this year had an increase in application, a total of 19,183 of which 9, 479 was admitted.
Prof. Luguterah, the Navrongo Campus principal went on further that, out of the total 9,479, 51.9% were males and 48.26% were females. This has shown a significant increase in female applicants and admission.
This admission include student into the faculty of mathematical sciences, faculty of applied sciences and faculty of earth and environmental sciences.

Furthermore, he ensured the matriculants that, security and safety on campus will be regulated to ensure the safety and lives of students on campus. Addressing the issue of the campus’ lighting system.
On the issue of sex for grades which was aired few days ago, showing some lecturers indulging in the acts, of which he the principal strongly stand against. He stated clearly that the management of the school will not take it lightly with any senior member of the university seen or caught indulging in such act. We further cautioned the matriculants to be very careful,as not to fall victim.
Before ending his speech, he announced that, the school would be renamed very soon as it attain autonomy.

He advises the matriculants to be good students and welcomes them to the UNIVERSITY FOR DEVELOPMENT STUDIES.

As at 11am the matriculation ceremony was brought to an end after which the campus officer sworn every faculty into the school.

Another journey for the freshers, and we wish them all the best!

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Vanadal Press Conference

Students of the University of Ghana’s Commonwealth Hall have threatened to embark on an intellectual walk should government fail to take action on their demands on issues of accommodation in the university.

Addressing the press on the perennial accommodation challenges facing the University, the JCR President of the hall, Prince Lumor acknowledged the Vice-Chancellor and the Government of Ghana’s response to their petitions, but demanded that further actions should be taken to address the issues raised in the document.

“We the members of the commonwealth hall Junior Common Room will be forced to go on an intellectual walk to drum home our concerns which otherwise should be the concerns of government and other relevant stakeholders. The passion to serve is accompanied by the desire to resolve issues and we shall implore every means to attain a positive result”.
Plans by Management of the University of Ghana to reintroduce a fresher’s first residential policy have also been met with stiff opposition by students of the Hall.

The JCR president urged the University to rather focus on partnering with private investors to construct hostels to augment existing ones.

“This proposal is intended to address the accommodation crisis on campus, we want to believe that this is just a mere rumor and does not contain any iota of truth but if it does then we humbly appeal that it should be aborted at its embryonic stage. This is because we do not understand why management will be tempted to think that when there are accommodation issues on campus, the best alternative solution is to displace the current students who are bonafide stakeholders of the university and make provision for those who are yet to become members of the University. We want to strongly suggest that the University of Ghana management discard such a thought from the very conception stage”

UG Accommodation woes

The University of Ghana has been battling with accommodation crisis in recent years with the situation getting worse each year.

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At 10pm yesterday, the SRC President of UDS Navrongo campus, H.E Raymond Otivi declared a state of emergency, stating that there will be a demonstration the next morning.

As it stands now, there is a massive heat on UDS Navrongo campus. The Ultimum ECOWAS HALL gave the administration is due and currently, demonstration is ongoing.

As a matter of fact, every lecture hall has been blocked including all entries to the school campus.

Addressing the group demonstration this morning, the SRC President stated that, UDS WA campus did the same demonstration and thier power has been restored. Hence the need to follow the same procedures.

For the past 3hours now, no lecturer or administrators of the school appeared. This clearly shows that, voices has been heard and results will materialize soon.

So far, the SRC President is positive of an immediate response. Atinka TV is the only media house reporting so far.

What happens next?

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