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UG Court Overrules G.A decision to cancel SRC Week


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The judicial board of the Students’ Representative Council has heard and overturned the case pertaining to the resolution of the SRC General Assembly to halt the celebration of the 59th SRC week Celebration dubbed “Vortex”.

On the 12th February, 19 members of the General Assembly won the vote against 17 members with 12 members who shoes to abstain from voting. Hence the motion moved for the complete elimination of the SRC week celebration was upheld despite attempts by the SRC president, Esinam Afi Seade to convince the house that it shouldn’t be completely taken away. What led to the house cancelling the hall week was that the executive body had allocated GH₵40,000 for the General Assembly to approve for the celebration of the week.

The judicial panel consisted of 5 justices and was presided over by Justice Greg Asiedu. An SRC aspirant – Derrick Schandorf Ayirebi-Acquah – the plaintiff prayed the court to overturn the ruling of the General Assembly as it was prejudicial to Article 4(2) of the SRC Constitution.

Article 4(2) of the SRC Constitution reads; “For the purpose of achieving these objectives, the SRC shall organize lectures, symposia, debates, publications and such other activities as are necessary, the SRC shall celebrate its week which shall fall within the First Semester of the academic year, with the actual date to be fixed by the General Assembly, and where impossible, to be fixed by the Executive Officers in consultation with the Dean of Student Affairs.”

Esinam Afi Seade, the SRC president also joined the suit in fulfillment of Article 17(9) of the SRC Constitution. Article 17(9) states that: “The SRC president shall represent the SRC in any court in which proceedings against or on behalf of the SRC are heard.” She also tendered in evidence showing that the Executives had met with the Dean of Students to determine a new date.

Esinam Shot In The Face! No SRC Week Celebration In UG

After going through the various evidences presented, the court therefore ruled that: “The General Assembly has no power to cancel the celebration”.

This presents a victory for SRC President Esinam Afi Seade and her former PRO Derrick Schandorf Ayirebi-Acquah.


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On Tuesday 10th September,2019 a programme organized by Westminster foundation for democracy under the parliament of Ghana, UDS WA travelled all the way to Navrongo.

The programme was graced by the principal himself, Prof. Luguterah and students’ parliament patron , Mr Luu Yin.
According to the principal, extra curricular activities helps the individual to actualise him or herself since academics is not the only way, but caution it to be balanced any way.


The session was a debate on changing the 4years presidential term to six years. Navrongo campus was for the motion and Wa campus was against the motion, and also a quiz which comprises of general knowledge.

Both had a close range, as a matter of fact Navrongo campus had more exposure since they have been there before.


The country’s representative, states it clearly that, this competition was so far his best, as he enjoyed the battle between the two sister school.
The debate which is 60% and quiz 40% went in favour of Wa campus which was slightly over the scores of Navrongo campus’.

The patron of Navrongo campus’ edged the Wa students to continue with the hard work as they journeyed through the competition. Even though he expresses a displeasure on his campus’ student he believed it was a competition.

Congratulations to UDS WA campus!

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Antwi Tony, widely known on campus as Bra Qwame is a student of the University for development studies ,Wa campus.His impeccable style of writing coupled with his zeal and passion for student activism through journalism ,probity and accountability established him as an instant household name on campus, making him to be the list of the ten students making it big on and outside campus a research done by a campus online media called also served as the Public Relations Officer for the 2018/2019 academic year.
“I have the intention of contesting for the position of USAG Financial Controller to serve our noble mother association and the nation at large.
I arrived at this conclusion after a careful personal scrutiny of myself , social consultation and I have studied the duties of USAG Financial Controller which is stipulated in article 33 of the USAG constitution” He said.

During the interview the gentleman said
He is highly experienced in public relation and teaching with strong leadership skills, coupled with excellent written and spoken communication skills , marketing research and ability to work with a team to achieve the best.
This is why he intend to bring on board a set of policies dubbed “A NEW DAY AGENDA” with the motto “ a higher Financial Attitude “ ” together we will reach the finish line.. “.

According to Mr. Antwi,the following pilicies will be the best bet to the students to take on;
✔Improving efficiency and transparency as far as accounts of the association is concerned

✔Widening the sponsorship base reaching out to more organisations for grant

✔Evaluating risks of events by analysing the cost involved against the predicted revenue of the occasion.

✔Educating the public (Affiliates) on the state of the Association’s finances by making time on all the platforms of the association.

“I therefore submit myself for any necessary help to make electorates get me”

Good luck Bra Quame!

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Not long ago, Campusradar reported on the controversies happening on the soil of Valley View University, Techiman campus, pertaining to the recent past election that took off on the 7th of April, 2019, which a dead lock was kept on the declaration of Presidential results by HON. EZEKIEL TETTEH. In our previous story, Campusradar reported that, after going through a long day of voting to elect leaders (SRC) for VALLEY VIEW UNIVERSITY, TECHIMAN CAMPUS, the EC could not declare the winner after voting due to some alleged irregularities during the election.

But now the information gathered shows that, finally the dead lock is broken, in addressing the issues, Hon. Ezekiel Tetteh and his team posted on social media via various WhatsApp platforms of the institution, declaring his decision to accept discomfit and to step down for the EC to declare HON. AKURUGU PAUL as the winner and the next SRC President of the University. This was what Hon. Ezekiel Tetteh posted at exactly 10:37pm which was Wednesday,

“Good morning fellow students, with a heartfelt decision, we would want to announce our resignation of aspiring for the SRC Presidency position which we were vying for. We certainly know that there were valid inconsistencies during the elections making the result invalid but we thereby opt to step down in other to maintain stability here In VVU -TC.

We want to take this opportunity and thank everyone who subscribed to our dreams. God bless VVU

Long live VVU-TC

Long live SRC



-Ezekiel Tetteh

-Kwaku Boakye-Yiadom”

Diving more into the story, yesterday, at exactly 2:15pm the EC and her fraternity finally called for a General Assemble Meeting to announce finally thier verdict and also declare the winner for VVU-TC SRC general election. At the end of the meeting HON. AKURUGU PAUL and his Vice, HON. OWUSU THOMAS were declared the winners for the 2019/2020 academic year SRC Presidency. Below were the outcome of the Vetting and the General election results.          

From the (SRC) Electoral Commission, the following are the vetting results of the various portfolios for the (SRC) General Election 2019/2020.



Vetting result- 86%

Numbers of votes 188



Vetting result –  77%

Number of votes 177



Vetting result – 79%

Number of Votes 320



Vetting result – 70%

Number of votes 340



Vetting result – 71%

Number of votes 305



Vetting result – 61%

Number of 320



Vetting result – 64%

Number of votes 332



Vetting result – 63%

Number of votes 305



Vetting result – 61%

Number of votes 335



Vetting result – 63%

Number of vote ——–



Vetting result – 71%

Number of votes 367


Just after the declaration we had the chance to talk to the EC in the person of Ms. Nnaah Bintu Alhassan about the election and she said;

Declaring of results

Reporter: We heard two of the candidates namely Hon. Lordfred Baffour who was aspiring for the organizing secretary and Hon. Akologo Pascal who was also aspiring for the public relation office (PRO) were dropped from the competition at the vetting level, can you please tell us what accounted for that?

EC: “The process was done with due diligence and we had competent and unbiased 21 members on the vetting committee, who worked assiduously to make sure the process was successfully done and the outcome was the true reflection of all the candidates performance, and if I must say, we had our pass mark which was 60%. In fact, it was very sad seeing two of the candidates dropping out of the competition after vetting them due to one or two lapses, but as I said, they felt below belt and had to be dropped and it was a collective decision by the committee

Reporter: What were some of the challenges you accounted during and after, as far as this election is concern?

EC: “We faced challenges like, EC executives whispering to electorates to vote for their preferred candidates, Alleged, issuance of already thumb printed ballots, Alleged issuance of more than the required number of ballots to students. However, all the above were addressed as soon as I was noticed”.

Reporter: What contributed to the delay of declaration of results?

EC: “what actually caused the delay in declaration was that, there were issues we needed to clear in other to ensure peace and tranquility after declaration. It’s obvious that, when elections are conducted without declaration, then, it means there are issues. However, the aftermath of elections matters most than the elections itself. These were some of the things that delayed the declaration of the results. Thank you”.



After our interruption with the E.C, We also came in contact with one of the candidate who was disqualified at the vetting level by name HON. LORDFRED BAFFOUR and he said:

Reporter: How was the feeling like when you first heard about the result from the EC?

HON. BAFFOUR: As human, sometimes, things like this happens to us for us to learn from our mistake, just that sometimes we do learn that in the hard way, notwithstanding,

Reporter: Were you surprised?

HON. BAFFOUR:  I was very much surprised when I saw the notice myself and for the first time, it was some of my friends who called to informed me about the outcome of the vetting, upon hearing that, I was very disappointed, because, I do not know where I went wrong, but at the end of the day I was disqualified anyway, but still gives thanks to God.

Reporter: Do you believe someone was behind your eviction?

HON. BAFFOUR:  If I should answer you, I can’t best tell but whatever the case is, or whoever was behind that, to me, does not matter again because life still goes on, what I know is they can’t stop my shine.


Though the jubilation on the side of the elected President and his fraternity was very high, we still had the opportunity to talk to him and he said;

Reporter: finally, how do you feel after hearing the declaration?

Presidents elect “As you can see am so excited, in fact, it has not been easy, we have really come a long way, we have waited over 48 hours after voting just to declare results, because my opponent and his team felt like there were some IRREGULARITIES AND INCONSISTENCIES, which have never happened in the history of the university before, but as you can see we are finally here.

I (we) will like to take this privilege to say Glory and adoration bee unto the Highest, God, for calming any storm of misunderstanding and disunity. May His name be praised now and forever for making His will known to the good people of VVU-TC community especially the student body.

My next appreciation goes to all our supporters from all modes (Regular, Weekend, Distance and Access). I humbly thank them so much for the trust you had in us to vote us as the next generation of the SRC Executives. In a special way, I also want to thank all our campaign members’ for the effort you made towards our victory.

I (we) continue to thank all those who didn’t vote for us as well, for we don’t believe you voted against us but rather it was a nice and legal way for you to express your franchise or opinion in a different dimension.

I(we) believe that, the success of every government depends on both the supporters and those who express their views in different forms (opposes). As the supporters support the leader to lead the way, others criticize and make sure the way is straightened. As we know good governance is the resultant of the forces from the supporting team and the forces from the other side.

Our thanksgiving would be anemic without mentioning Hon. Ezekiel Tetteh and Hon. Kwaku Boakye-Yiadom. Brothers, thank you so much for adding positive meaning to democracy. You made the beauty of democracy clear and bright to the entire community and beyond. God bless you brothers and I and my team wishes you better luck next time.

Finally, we find it difficult to settle on the exact word to express our sincere gratitude to you all. All that we can say is GOD BLESS YOU ALL for your time spent to vote us to power”.


We also got closer to Hon. Ezekiel Tetteh, and these were his comments:

First of all, I will thank u for the opportunity given to me to air my view.

On the 7th of this month VVU-TC decided who to lead them. The E.C chair tried all her best to make it free and fair, but upon all that, there were some foul plays that made the election to me not successful. I say this to the fact that; Some ballot papers were already thumb-printed from the table of the E.C, Some voters were given more than one ballot paper to vote, Some portfolio ballot papers got finished even before we got the end of the election. Before and after election, E.C is known to be the neutral body but in our case some of the E.C members were not able to play this role and even went to the extra mile of given directions to voters on whom they should vote for.

The challenges where uncountable, and it consumed our precious time and finances,  and the rules were not followed by some of the E.C members, my brother these where some of the few things I can say for now.

We decided to step down for the sake of peace. Stepping down does not necessary mean that I have accepted defeat. I stood down for him just to give way to maintain peace, if I had not stood down by now, who knows what would have happened? From the intel that I received, some of the school authorities are supporting him to make him the President if I like it or not, some lecturers were attacking (verbally) students who they believe were on our side. And among students too, there were issues rising up that if care is not taking something else might happen. So stepping down is basically for peace and nothing more.

My brother, my opponent cannot bribe me because he doesn’t have what it takes. My integrity is not for sale and he knows that. I stand for what is right and that is what I am known for.

I wish him well in everything that he will do but I pray for him to have the spirit of leadership.




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