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UDS embraces female leadership… Zeinab elected as SRC President of NYC




History was made on University For Development Studies Nyankpala Campus yesterday, 11 April 2019 as Zeinab Mohammed Denderi was elected as the first female president of the school’s SRC.

Zeinab Mohammed Denderi made history when she secured 761 votes signifying 50.3% as against his male contender, 751 representing 49.7%.

Zeinab Mohammed Denderi made it out from the runoff with John Bosco who had a total of 543 votes signifying 30.83%, and Denderi having a total votes of 590 signifying 33.50%. Three other people had contested the elections, before it went into the second round.

Zeinab Mohammed Denderi had experience in leadership as she has served several leadership positions. Denderi won the position that has been construed to be the preserve for men with a total of 10 votes.

26 years after its establishment, University For Development Studies Nyankpala has finally elected a female as its SRC President. This is really a revolution for women in politics.

By Imoro Malik

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Antwi Tony, widely known on campus as Bra Qwame is a student of the University for development studies ,Wa campus.His impeccable style of writing coupled with his zeal and passion for student activism through journalism ,probity and accountability established him as an instant household name on campus, making him to be the list of the ten students making it big on and outside campus a research done by a campus online media called also served as the Public Relations Officer for the 2018/2019 academic year.
“I have the intention of contesting for the position of USAG Financial Controller to serve our noble mother association and the nation at large.
I arrived at this conclusion after a careful personal scrutiny of myself , social consultation and I have studied the duties of USAG Financial Controller which is stipulated in article 33 of the USAG constitution” He said.

During the interview the gentleman said
He is highly experienced in public relation and teaching with strong leadership skills, coupled with excellent written and spoken communication skills , marketing research and ability to work with a team to achieve the best.
This is why he intend to bring on board a set of policies dubbed “A NEW DAY AGENDA” with the motto “ a higher Financial Attitude “ ” together we will reach the finish line.. “.

According to Mr. Antwi,the following pilicies will be the best bet to the students to take on;
✔Improving efficiency and transparency as far as accounts of the association is concerned

✔Widening the sponsorship base reaching out to more organisations for grant

✔Evaluating risks of events by analysing the cost involved against the predicted revenue of the occasion.

✔Educating the public (Affiliates) on the state of the Association’s finances by making time on all the platforms of the association.

“I therefore submit myself for any necessary help to make electorates get me”

Good luck Bra Quame!

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General News

UG’s Lofty Joins Accra Metro NASPA Race.




Bright Lambong-Lofty a young and energetic man who is aspiring to be the National Service Personnel Association Organizer for Accra Metro. He is a former student of the University of Ghana who will be serving his one-year civil service at the Parliament House of Ghana. Lofty is a man of integrity and possess skills that strategically positions him to operate in the organizing sector of the association.

A little background check on who Lofty is revealed he has had previous experience as an organizer for his hall back in school. In his tenure, he helped organise one of the mega hall weeks on UG campus. He is also very entrepreneurial having a brand that is manufacturing bottled liquid soap and hand washes for domestic and other purposes. He is also one of the able hands that have brought the Ghana Universities Chamber into existence.

On the 5th of August, BRIGHT LAMBONG-LOFTY in his press release officially declared his intention to contest for the office of NATIONAL SERVICE PERSONNEL ASSOCIATION (NASPA)
ORGANIZER for Accra Metro.

He “considers it a great honour to serve the interest of his fellow personnel within the district. In view of this pledging a decorous campaign, one that will reflect honesty and respect in all our dealings to all and sundry.”

Being a multifaceted individual, Lofty stands tall to run for president but surprisingly he sees himself well suited and efficient for the role of an organizer.

When asked, he said “Organizers are the unrecognised hands that steers the affairs of any organisation from the back stage. Yes the President becomes the face of the organisation but without an up to task organizer, not only will the association face unnecessary challenges but the president stands in a position of being rediculed openly. So for me, working behind the scenes to make everyone happy is well suited”

Lofty is a trusted hand that can put smiles on faces of NASPA Accra Metro. U believe with time people will see what he possess and endorse his candidacy.

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The student populace of UDS-TAMALE CAMPUS was given the opportunity to exercise their rights as student of the institution to elect their next batch of student leaders. On the 4th of April, 2019, this exercise was undertaken with five student aspiring to be the next SRC president of the campus. The aspirants were Jabon David Misalia, Ngoswini Evans, Atumpugre Jacob, Dugongong Clement and Abu Sulemana Mohammed. After the end of the election the two leading competitors or the race of being the next president was Abu Sulemana Mohammed and Dagungong Clement who had 32.78% and 30.48% of the votes casted respectively.
A run-off elections was scheduled for the 8th April, 2019 to finally decide who takes the mantle as the next successor for this office.
On the 8th, the elections began with the a calm head as usual and the end of the day the results was released by electoral commission. Abu Sulemana Mohammed had 1599 votes representing 41.38% and Dagungong Clement B. has 2258 votes representing 58.39%.

By the constitution, the electoral commission of UDS-TLC declared Dagungong Clement B, a medical laboratory student as the SRC president elect for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Congratulations to you, Clement and it is our hopes that you administration continue the good works that your predecessor did so diligently and you shall bring your vision that seeks to make the school a talk of the nation to life. Once again congratulations on your victory.

By: Prempeh Opoku-Ware Lovelace

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