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U/E Regional Minister visits UDS Navrongo Campus..




Some few days back, the Upper East Regional Minister visited UDS, Navrongo campus on the purpose of meeting up with the staff and students.The meeting was held at NH1, the biggest lecture hall on campus.
The MC called upon the principal Prof. Albert Luguterah to give his welcome
address and speech. The principal in his speech made known that there are three faculties which
include Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Faculty of
Mathematical Sciences and fourth faculty yet to be established, faculty of computing and
information science. The principal, Prof. Albert Luguterah also made known that the campus has
eight departments which runs several programs at the diploma, 1st degree, masters and PhD
levels with the current student population at 1925. Comprising 1805 undergraduate students and
125 post graduate students.

The staff population of Navrongo campus is 236 with 123 junior members and 44 senior staff
and 69 junior staff. The principal lamented on the number of staff being inadequate especially
the junior staff considering the magnitude of work to be done. “The Navrongo campus is the least
developed and most deprived campus of the University for Development Studies. We have inadequate staffing, inadequate facilities, inadequate equipment and laboratories. Inadequate vehicles, the darkest campus, the poorest road network etc. and yet some of the ground breaking
and even faint painted researches have been and being conducted here on this campus” – Prof.
Albert Luguterah. The principal made known to the Hon Regional Minister the hope in using
her good office to help address some of the challenges as the youth and her municipal chief
executives have already started doing.

Prof. Albert Luguterah said “our challenges
notwithstanding, the Navrongo campus has contributed and will continue to contribute its quota
to our beloved country. It has produced fine graduates at all levels who in more than one way
have served and are serving Ghana in several capacities and areas from medicated issues to
industry, from politics to health and many more. And we are even poised to contribute even
more with the President’s announcement of converting our campus to an autonomous
university. While some see dream in this announcement, for us, this announcement is good news
to us and we believe it is also good news for Ghana. We see opportunities. Opportunities for
growth, opportunities for development of our community and region. Opportunity to bring out
the best in us for our mother land Ghana and many more and even opportunities to collaborate
with our sister campuses for the development of Ghana beyond aid.” The principal concluded on
the point that, the separation of the campuses into autonomous can be done and should be done
peacefully and fairly so no campus will be disadvantaged. Which will benefit us now and in the
future if so.

The MC equally called upon the honourable minister to mount the podium and
give her speech. She said on the outline it is indicated that speech / comments so she is going to
comment. After addressing the various protocols around, she thanked everyone for having time to
meet up with her though some of the students were preparing for exams in some few moments ahead. The honourable minister made known that she was here on a familiarisation tour
due to the fact that she has been on Navrongo Campus several times but not as a regional
minister. She has now found it a need to visit the various institutions in the region to know their
challenges and address them as such.
The honourable minister said, the best news to her is the Navrongo campus of the University
for Development Studies becoming autonomous and she will always like to see the glass half full
and half empty. She disclosed that the road network has been given out on contract. “If the
contractor hasn’t moved to site he should move to site and set artefact”. – Regional minister. She
also made us aware that some projects which she doesn’t have the details has been given out
on contract for either renovation or complete build up which may include or exclude the
broken sealing of the NH1 hall which doesn’t befit the status of a university, there is the need of an air
conditioned hall. That statement cheered everyone around but she said she is not promising but
assuring since she doesn’t know the difference between promise and assurance. The regional
minister said, being autonomous is good but then it comes with challenges which include problems of internally generated funds and number of staffing. She disclosed that she and the
principal spoke about the lightening system earlier on before the meeting with the students
and staff. She said, the lighting problem is going to be fixed but in a cost sharing form. Which
means the University will have to contribute in a way in the project. The school’s auditorium is a
building constructed by some Chinese individuals some years ago but then not long ago, the tiles in the building have started removing. The honourable minister said, she will take it into
consideration and make arrangements for the right thing to be done even though the contractors are not from the country and ensure that there is value for money.
“That’s the biggest problem in the country we don’t value money so we are not supposed to do things anyhow” said
the honourable minister. She made it clear she has been a student before even though not on UDS Navrongo campus, the courses we are offering are challenging and yet prestigious and
lucrative if pursued well. The reason being that we are a developing country and every developing country has its own challenges in regards to education. She encouraged the students to be self-motivated to keep on moving in adding value to themselves. It was her
request for the students to put in their best so as in the future they will be proud to be products of the University for the Country also to be proud of them. It was her plead for the students to
collaborate with the staff and she the regional minister in order to work policies, programs and
challenges that the University will face and how to collectively find solutions to the problems.
The regional minister commended the students for holding themselves up not causing any act of riots over the years. It was her request for the students to humbly pass through the right and appropriate
channels in resolving challenges so as to maintain the good name created for themselves. “Thank you much for your attention and even as you study for your exams, let’s work
together I appreciate you all. Thank you” – Regional minister.

The MC gave the opportunity for questions or any other submissions. Mr. Apori Ntiful, a physics lecturer, pleaded with the honourable minister and her team to do everything in their capacity and collectively ensure to the establishment of the autonomous
university, University for Technology and Applied Sciences (UTAS). But then Mr. Apori lamented on the welfare of the staff which if care is not taken, will push away all the
dedicated staff that has brought the university this far. Some of the students also made
contributions and lamentations which included the school hospital not accepting NHIS, and the unavailability of an emergency vehicle to convey students to hospitals making their welfare on campus a risk.
The issue on our school fees also contributed to the lamentations of the students. There were others
who were willing to make various contributions or ask questions but the honorable minister
suggested them to put them in writing and pass them to her through the principal’s office. This
was due to another meeting she had with NAVASCO, a Senior High School few meters from
UDS, Navrongo.

By:Michael Akumbissah

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Minister Says Gov’t Has Recruited 59,000 Teachers Since 2017




The Minister for Education says the introduction of the Free Senior High School policy has resulted in an increment in student enrolment by some 31%, as opposed to the spectre of 100,000 students falling out of school each year at the Junior High School level in the years before 2017.

Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh indicated that “for the first time in 10 years, under President Akufo-Addo, we have said this and nobody has been able to dispute it, every child in every secondary school has been supplied with all the core textbooks. It has never happened before.”

He continued, “Not only have we supplied the core textbooks, we have also supplied revision books in Maths. Not only that, we are buying questions and answers of the past WAEC exams since 1993 for the students to learn. There is no better time to study than now.”

The Minister for Education made this known on Monday, July 8, when he joined President Akufo-Addo at a meeting with members of the Ghanaian community in Paris, as part of the latter’s official visit to that country.

Dr. Opoku Prempeh indicated that when the Northern grants were established by Ghana’s first leader, Kwame Nkrumah, there were only two schools in the whole of the 3 Northern Regions.

“It did not prevent Kwame Nkrumah from starting bursaries for the Northern schools. Not having enough classrooms will never stop us from having Free SHS. In fact, Ghanaians have voted, and enrolment increased by 31% in 2017 and 2018,” he said.

Towards addressing issues associated with the introduction of the Double Track school system, the Minister for Education indicated that 8,000 teachers were specifically employed.

“We did the timetables that we needed, and the President ordered the Finance Minister to provide financial clearance, and we did. It includes the 59,000 teachers we have employed between now and then. It is not very true what you hear when you listen to social media always. Sometimes your judgement becomes clouded with the truth,” he added.

With the introduction of the 4-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree in 2018, in the country’s University Colleges, the Education Minister noted that “there is no teacher going to be a diploma teacher. Everyone who is coming out will get a degree.”

The conversion of Colleges of Education into University Colleges by the Akufo-Addo government, the Minister stressed, has resulted in a record number of students seeking admission.

“When they were diploma students, they spent an inordinate amount of time doing top-ups in other schools, and not concentrating in the classroom. Now, it is not a second-rate school to go to because they couldn’t get into the university. It is a choice that they have decided to make as teachers,” he said.

The Education Minister also lamented about non-training of teachers in the curriculum of Junior High Schools for some forty (40) years, with the last teacher resource pack given to teachers compiled in the 1950s.

“We have done it (training of teachers in new curriculum) this year. Things will get better. Education is such that we have to put in a huge investment before you can reap the fruits. It is not like taking your child to the hospital. That is instant. It takes time and we need patience from Ghanaians. Ghana’s education has never been as best as it is now, and it will get better,” Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh added.


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MTN Bright Scholarship To Close By 17th July | Campusradar




Accra, July 11, 2019 – MTN Ghana Foundation has announced it will close entries for its Bright Scholarship program on 17th July 2019. Applications for the scholarship commenced on June 13th, 2019.

The Foundation is, therefore, urging qualified students who are yet to apply to do so before the closing date. The scholarship is opened to the first year or continuing students pursuing first-degree education in any of the public tertiary institutions in Ghana. To qualify for the MTN Bright Scholarship, students should have credit passes in six (6) subjects with an overall aggregate of 24 at the WASSCE/SSSCE.

Three of the six subjects should be core subjects; English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies and the other three must be in the applicants’ respective electives. Continuing students should have a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.0, be involved in extra-curricular activities, prove to be without any academic disciplinary issue and must not be serving a bond of good behavior.

Qualified applicants can apply through the web portal at or visit any MTN Service Center for applications forms.

Commenting on MTN Bright Scholarship, the Corporate Services Executive of MTN, Mr. Samuel Koranteng said, “We are happy to have launched the second edition of the MTN Bright Scholarship. We are committed to providing opportunities for brilliant and needy students to have a bright future through education.”

Mr. Koranteng said, “Through the MTN Bright Scholarship, we want to ensure that under-privileged students who would have missed higher education as a result of lack of funding get to have access just like other students.”

The MTN Ghana Foundation will award 100 scholarships to students in public tertiary institutions across the country for 2019 academic year. The commencement of the MTN Bright Scholarship in 2018 was in fulfillment of a commitment MTN made to Ghanaians during the commemoration of its 20th Anniversary in 2016. During the celebrations, MTN, through the MTN Ghana Foundation promised to award a total of 300 scholarships over a period of three years. The first batch of 100 scholarships were awarded in 2018 to students in public tertiary institutions across the country.

For over 10 years, the Foundation has awarded over 1000 scholarships to students from basic school to tertiary level. Apart from the Bright Scholarship, MTN Ghana Foundation launched the Teacher Improvement Award Programme in 2015. Since the inception of that programme, 60 teachers have been awarded scholarships to pursue Bachelors or Masters Degree at the University of Cape Coast and University of Education, Winneba. The MTN Ghana Foundation continues to invest in sustainable projects aimed at improving the wellbeing of Ghanaians.

About The MTN Foundation:
The MTN Ghana Foundation was established in November 2007 as the vehicle to select and implement MTN’s Corporate Social Investments. MTN Ghana Foundation has three areas of focus -Health, Education and Economic Empowerment. From inception to December 2018, the Foundation had undertaken 142 major projects across the country. Notable health projects include: construction of a Neonatal Care Center for Tamale Teaching Hospital, refurbishment of the 2nd floor maternity block of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, construction of a maternity block for Ejisu Government Hospital, and construction of an Emergency Center for Atua Government Hospital. Education projects undertaken include: construction of a boys dormitory for Akropong School for the Blind, construction of a six-unit classroom block for Kodjonya Millennium School, establishment of 10 MTN ICT Learning Centers in each of Ghana’s 10 regions(then) and the institution of an Innovation Hub at KNUST to promote Telecoms Engineering and Research. Key projects undertaken in Economic Empowerment include: the construction of shea butter processing centers, provision of seed capital and skill training for Women of Tizaa Dini Association of Yendi and the Sung Suma Women Association of Wa.

Source: modernghana

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General News

An Old Vandal Makes Great Strides In Europe.





The maxim is always advanced that “to whom much is given much is expected” but a dude on made grounds has sought to negate this time tested popular saying. With little, Frank Agyeman Prempeh is giving big time back to the society.

Mr. Agyeman Prempeh cognizant of the array of challenges faced his country on many grounds has resorted to teaming up with external donors to offer the needed support to resolve many of the outstanding issues in the country.

The erstwhile Presiding Member of the House of Lords in Commonwealth Hall harbours a long term vision of offering aid to the orphanage homes . Last year on his birthday he was joined with one European Lawyer, JEAN MARIE DE MEESTER, to make a donation to an orphanage home in Nungua .

He has recently been meeting some foreigners in Belgium, France and other European countries who are interested in improving the medical services in the country to make these donations .

Beds and wheelchairs for donation. 

Earlier this week he joined his patrons and few executives of the NGO in Belgium to fill up a 40 ft container with over 30 beds , 25 wheel chairs , and 75 boxes of cloths meant for donations to hospitals and orphanage homes in Ghana.

Mr. Agyeman with his patrons.

Mr. Frank Agyemang-PREMPEH maintained that all these strides have not  been easy and it has taken him a lot of industry to achieve this; from the registration process of the NGO through to today.

As the container handling the medical equipment dispatched to Tema Port the Medihelp team is hoping and appealing that it will receive an import waiver given that it is meant for donation to the vulnerable citizens of Ghana.


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