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NPP’s Manaf Ibrahim secures injunction to stop parliamentary primaries at Asawase




Hon. Manaf Ibrahim, an aggrieved parliamentary aspirant in the governing New Patriotic Party’s primaries in the Asawase Constituency has secured an interim injunction from a Kumasi High Court to restrain the party from conducting the election in the constituency.


The aspirant went to court following a decision by the party to allow one of the aspirants in the constituency to contest unopposed in the person of Hon. Alhaji Alidu Seidu.


The NPP’s National Executive Committee, in a recent statement, listed names of aspirants to represent the party in the 2020 parliamentary polls.


The Asokore Mampong Municipal Chief Executive, Alhaji Alidu Seidu was listed as the solitary candidate for the party in the Asawase Constituency.


This was after the claimant, Manaf Ibrahim filed his nominations and was later said to be disqualified by the party’s NEC.

Hon. Manaf Ibrahim through his lawyer Nana Freduah Agyemang Esq. filed an injunction and it was granted by the Kumasi High Court. Read the details of the injunction in the picture below.

A little background into the Manaf, Asawase and the NPP story reveals earlier on the REC of the NPP in Ashanti Region had given a directive that 3 orphan constituencies (Ejura Sekyeredumasi, Asawase and Afram plains) will have only one person contesting unopposed.


Manaf Ibrahim and Gifty Ndoma from Asawase and Ejura Sekyeredumasi respectively defiled the resolution and picked forms. They submitted the forms and went for vetting. Prior to that, the REC of the Ashanti Region had suspended indefinitely for defiling the resolution. The vetting committee thus disqualified them based on the suspension.


Following that incident, both Manaf and Gifty appealed to the National Appeals Committee. NEC later came out with a release.

Except from the NPP’s National Executive Committee dated 13th September 2019 signed by the General Secretary, John Boadu indicated that “However, in respect of the aspiring parliamentary candidates from Asawase Constituency and Ejura/Sekyeredumase Constituency, Manaf Ibrahim and Gifty Ndoma respectively, NEC took the position that the aspirants, both of whom were suspended by the Ashanti Regional Executive Committee (REC)  for misconduct, should publicly apologize to the Ashanti Regional Executives and to the party for their suspension to be considered.”


Close sources reveal that Manaf and Gifty had a case after their appeal was heard per the constitution of the party and thus they could contest. Somehow, the resolution per the constitution stood on the grounds of being “unconstitutional directive”.


Manaf Ibrahim after the release signed by the General Secretary, John Boadu about his suspension from the party and thus his eligibility can only be considered after a public apology for insulting the party’s hierarchy responded with an apology which was published by Starrfm on the 13th of September 2019.


The apology thus read in the words of Manaf Ibrahim “The happenings within that period I reckon were in my low moments. If in words, deeds, attitude, mannerism, taste or tone, I have caused anyone discomfort or created pain, that is not my truest self. Please, forgive me. Charge it on my head, not my heart. I hope this apology meets your kindest consideration.” This he wrote to the REC in Ashanti Region.


Gifty Ndoma also apologised as directed from NEC.


However per the directive from the NEC, there is supposed to be a reply from NEC upon receiving the apology both privately and publicly on whether they will be considered to contest but there hasn’t been any. Close sources indicate Gifty Ndoma has decided not to contest anymore.


Reading between the lines, it can be seen the silence from NEC is a tactical move to uphold the suspension decision from NEC by delaying time.

Basically that should be the reason behind the injunction since the elections is on 28th of September.

Is Manaf Ibrahim being treated unfairly?Why is NEC quite about the apology?  The court granted the injunction, we wait as it unfolds.


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The joyous moment, knowing you will be officially admitted into a university. This was written boldly on the faces of all freshers as the gravitated towards the school auditorium with high speed (laughter).


On the 12th of October, 2019, the class of 2023 were officially matriculated.
This ceremony has actually taken place on all UDS campuses.

Before the ceremony began, Ecowas Hall and Savannah hall were with full energy as they walk the resident freshers of the hall. As a matter of fact, it was the first time seeing Ecowas Hall and Savannah Hall having ” JAMA” together. It was all love.


As early as 8am the Principal together with his subordinates processed in. After the procession the school anthem was sung
A prayer was offered by the various religious groups on campus, the Christians and the Muslims.
The Deans and their associates were also introduced.
Meanwhile, the registrar was represented by the campus officer.
Before the matriculants sworn the oath, the principal delivered a speech.

Upon his delivery, he congratulates the matriculants on the day.
He stated that, the matriculation marks the end of admission and the formal admission into the school.
You need to know the reason for coming to school and the need to achieve that purpose. He said.

In his submission, all admitted candidates were admitted upon certain merits. Addressing the congregation, this year had an increase in application, a total of 19,183 of which 9, 479 was admitted.
Prof. Luguterah, the Navrongo Campus principal went on further that, out of the total 9,479, 51.9% were males and 48.26% were females. This has shown a significant increase in female applicants and admission.
This admission include student into the faculty of mathematical sciences, faculty of applied sciences and faculty of earth and environmental sciences.

Furthermore, he ensured the matriculants that, security and safety on campus will be regulated to ensure the safety and lives of students on campus. Addressing the issue of the campus’ lighting system.
On the issue of sex for grades which was aired few days ago, showing some lecturers indulging in the acts, of which he the principal strongly stand against. He stated clearly that the management of the school will not take it lightly with any senior member of the university seen or caught indulging in such act. We further cautioned the matriculants to be very careful,as not to fall victim.
Before ending his speech, he announced that, the school would be renamed very soon as it attain autonomy.

He advises the matriculants to be good students and welcomes them to the UNIVERSITY FOR DEVELOPMENT STUDIES.

As at 11am the matriculation ceremony was brought to an end after which the campus officer sworn every faculty into the school.

Another journey for the freshers, and we wish them all the best!

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Truth is majority of people in the world and Ghana have less idea about what BRA Day is. So when asked “what is BRA Day?”  many people have nothing to say or they talk about a day where no female wears a bra.

Speaking to Dr. Paa Ekow Hoyte Williams (second in the picture from the right in a white shirt), the Head of Division for the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital , he said “The female breast is an important symbol of femininity. Loss of the breast due to cancer treatment can have significant physical and psychological impact on the woman. Many women eligible for breast reconstruction following cancer surgery are not being informed of their options. All women should know their options. It’s time to close the loop on breast cancer.”

He further added that “BRA Day has been there for a while now but mostly not in West Africa and Ghana. It is an international activity that falls on the 3rd Wednesday of October.Just to clear the misconceptions, BRA is not what women put on to cover the breast but BRA is the acronym for Breast Reconstruction Awareness. So yes many Ghanaians celebrated braless day or no bra day but the truth is, it is a day in the month of October set aside to inform survivors of breast cancer or post mastectomy patients of the available options of breast reconstruction in Ghana.”

Breast cancer awareness is well known now in the various societies but now the other aspect which is the reconstruction of the breast after it has been totally or partially removed in cancer treatment is the end of the cycle for breast cancer treatment.

Last year, the first ever BRA Day celebration in Ghana was organised by the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital where they had a post mastectomy patient(Beth Goodman aka Spinkles) traveled from USA to Ghana to help in the campaign. She had survived breast cancer and had undergone total breast reconstruction.

During the awareness campaign she spoke to the women who were present for the free screening of how important it is to get breast reconstruction after cancer treatment. The women were allowed to see and feel her plastic reconstructed breast and they admitted it barely looks artificial.

Some cases were selected after the screening exercise for free breast reconstruction and after surgery the women were so happy.

This year’s campaign to create awareness on breast reconstruction has began massively with so many joining the train. The Health Sciences Students Association and Geological Engineering Students Association of KNUST are the new additions to the campaign. On 5th October they were live on air at Spirit FM 88.3 talking about Breast Cancer and Breast Reconstruction. They were joined by a Plastic Surgeon (Dr Boutrous) from Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital as they discussed breast cancer and breast reconstruction on the Health Segment of the radio station. Ken Ofori Atta from GESA KNUST said “There is no shame in males joining in the campaign of breast cancer and breast reconstruction. I feel if there  is breast cancer in the society, we all need to join forces and speak for it.”

Obuobi the health officer added his voice to the campaign “Every woman cherishes her breast therefore any threat to steal their joy should be faced with a collective effort from us all.”

Dr Boutrous made it clear most general surgeons are only interested in treating the breast cancer patient but after that they have to live their lives secluded from the society because they have lost their breast. He encouraged surgeons to tell their patients of the available options of reconstruction that will help close the loop on breast cancer treatment.

9th October has been  agreed as the date for BRA Day Ghana where everyone is expected to wear pink or white with a touch of pink, snap pictures and videos. The pictures and videos can be tagged with the #BRAdayGhana. There will be a health walk on the 12th October at KNUST Campus and 19th October from the Kumasi Central Police station to the Kumasi City Mall. On bothe days there will be free breast cancer screening.  (more…)

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For the past few days, there has been total black out on UDS Navrongo Campus. Rumors have it that Wa campus is facing the same problem.

This development has affected academic work on campus, pertaining to lecture halls, since the lights and fans are not functioning. This has mared the learning activities on campus.

The blackout has affected the traditional halls; ECOWAS HALL, SAVANNAH HALL and NAVRO HALL.
Since this is bringing uncomfortability to the student populace, the residents of ECOWAS HALL took it upon themselves to storm campus.

Fans and lights in the lecture halls are lying idle and most lecturers cannot stay inside their offices due to the  heat. At a region where the atmospheric temperature can reach a hopping 42°C in the day can be unbearable if there are no lights for the fans to cool the rooms.

Upon critical observations today on campus, eye witnesses noticed that, the generator has been idle for a number of times. Making its presence a white elephant.

As late as 3pm this afternoon residents of ECOWAS HALL were seen in their red regalia invading every lecture hall to stop academic activities.


Talking with the public relations officer of the SRC, he stated that, Tamale campus which is the central administration owes about Ghc27million which is more than that of UDS Navrongo and Wa campus, but still had their power on.
In his submission, the regional minister tried reaching the boss of VRA but his phone has been switched off.

This development if not well tackled will mare academic activities as the actions of aggrieved students was seen today to have ended abruptly academic work.

ECOWAS HALL threatened the administration that, if the power is not restored before 12am today, they’ll disrupt every academic activity on campus.

As it stands now, they have in their plans to storm VRA office.

We watch!

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