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A month into the Wildlife closed season of 2019.




The Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission declared August 1 – December 1 as the closed season for wildlife in Ghana.  This declaration implied that no hunting during this season, no capturing of wild animals or destroying of any wildlife species.

A month into the closed season and we still have some more months to observe the closed season till the season is opened for hunting.

The purpose basically for the closed season is to give room for wildlife to breed since the nation’s wildlife resources is on the decline. This period is where most wild animals mate, give birth and nurse their infants. Observing it thus allow the wildlife to continue their existence.

Grass-cutter can however be hunted during this closed season

Grass-cutter can however be hunted during the closed season

However, Mrs Exorm Amtordo Erskine said only grass-cutter can be hunted in the closed season but individuals are expected to have a valid license from the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Commission.

Open season starts from December 2 – July 31st,2020 but the public in the wildlife enterprise is expected to obtain a license before hunting in the open season.

The general public is expected to help in the observance of the closed season. Defaulters can be punished by law. Hunting in the closed season can result in one being arrested, searched, seizure of wildlife and confiscation. Conservation officers are authorised to arrest defaulters and present them before a Magistrate court within 24hrs after the arrest.

In some other places, they can be charged to a tune of $5000 and be imprisoned for 3 years.

Endangered and Nearing extinction species.

Aside the grass-cutter that is allowed by law to hunt during the closed season, there are some wildlife to look out for since they are endangered and nearing extinction.

According to Harriet Nimmo, a zoologist with more than 20 years’ experience based in South Africa, she has listed some endangered species and near extinct wildlife in Africa.

1.Ethiopian Wolf


3.Black Rhino

4.white rhino

5.Mountain Gorilla

6.African Wild Dog

7.African Penguin

8.Rothschild’s giraffe

9.Hooded vulture


These wildlife species may not be easy to come across but the vast wildlife of Ghana hasn’t been fully explored. There is some slim chance of coming across any of them. The public will do the nation a great service to report such sightings to the nearest office of the forestry and wildlife commission.


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General News

Ekumfi Fruit Juice Hits Parliament




There was excitement especially among Majority MPs in Parliament on Monday when the now popular Ekumfi Fruit Juice product known as “Eku Juice” popped up in Parliament during the 2020 budget debate.

The Minister for Information and MP for Ofoase Ayirebi, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, displayed the well packaged juice while contributing to the budget debate, focusing on the benefits of flagship programs introduced by President Akufo-Addo.

The Pineapple Juice from the Ekumfi Juice Factory is under the government’s One District One factory program.

Mr. Nkrumah told the House many of the flagship programs of the Government, including the factories under the 1D1F were yielding results.

“When we rolled out the 1D1F Program, there was a lot of mockery but that flagship program in addition to the stimulus package that was provided is beginning to bear fruit. I hold in my hands here Eku Juice from the Ekumfi Juice Factory soon to be rolled out onto the market. Another project of the Akufo-Addo administration in the Central Region which was subjected to so much ridicule, but today that flagship program is beginning to bear fruit” he said.

The $8 million project which officially commenced in March 2018 now has 400 workers including out-growers.

It is estimated that the Ekumfi Juice Factory would create 5,000 direct out-grower jobs within the community and its environs.

The factory can process about 300,000,000 packs of juice annually for the local and export markets and would generate close to GH¢530 million in revenue.


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Kwame jnr completed the university for development studies.  Upon our observations and queries, he is known to be a vocal and an outspoken personality. Ready to take upon himself leadership roles and deliver them to satisfaction.

Before everything else, this young man proved his capabilities before the vetting panel by topping the presidency category at the same time his score is the highest recorded by the vetting panel.

Kwame jnr thinks NASPA needs to wear a new face. A face that will wet the appetite of service personnel and those ready to serve. Below are his policies which he believes will make NASPA transform.


Policy 1. Rewarding NSPs

National Service Personnel at post work so hard they deserve special rewards for their love for service. This will be in the form of the formation of Awards and Dinner Committee The committee will be mandated to organise a credible awards scheme that will reward the nominated persons at a dinner ceremony to be attended by all NSPs in the Metro.

Policy 2 Preparing NSPs for life after service.

The order of the day is for graduates to finish their year of service and join the unemployed graduates association. With Numerous opportunities available, NSPs in Kumasi Metro will be well positioned for life after NSS.

i Microsoft office literacy workshop
The Service Personnel in metro will be trained to build their capacity in MS Office Suite. This can enrich their CV’s for job opportunities.

ii Developing Hand Skills
Workshops will be organised to train Interested NSPs on how to make liquid soaps and shower gels, install decoders, epoxy, biogas disgester, bead making, makeup artistry et all.
With these various certified hand skills, the vision of Kwame Jnr to prevent graduate unemployment within the Kumasi Metro can be achieved.

iii Scholarship for Masters and Further Studies opportunities.

Numerous universities outside Africa and within the continent provide opportunities for students to pursue higher learning. How to know and when to apply for these Universities is what makes the difference. Experts will be invited as Resource Persons to educate NSPs in the Metro on how to apply for studies abroad on fully paid, partly paid and with job opportunities in these Universities.

Policy 3 Kumasi Metro Business Pitch


In support of the 1 District 1 Factory, the government provides assistance and cash to support business ideas that can transform lives in the society and employ individuals. Kwame Jnr led NASPA will liaise with the KMA, Manhyia Palace, Office of the Regional Minister and the Government to launch a business pitch in the metro for NSPs. The winners of the competition will receive grants to materialise their ideas with a monitoring and evaluation team assigned to make sure their ideas are sustainable. Wo mp3 wei na wo p3 de3n?

Policy 4 Miss NASPA Kumasi Metro

Various beauty queens have positively impacted society with their abilities to give back. Miss Malaika, GMB, Miss Ghana are all beauty pageants organised in the country. Through the office of the NASPA Kumasi Metro Women’s Commissioner and in collaboration with the Center for National Culture Kumasi, this beauty pageant will prepare interested females to build their potentials and prepare them for higher contests like the GMB , Miss Malaika et all.

Policy 5 Educational Trips
The service year will be boring if there are no socials to add a touch of relaxation to it. Educational Trips will be organised mostly in the festive seasons to give interested NSPs in the Metro a feel of such recreational areas.

Policy 6 Fast track Biometric Birth Certificate and Passport

Through the office of the NASPA Kumasi Metro executives, biometric birth certificate and passport will be made available to service personnel within the shortest processable time.

Policy 7 NASPA Week Celebration

A fun filled NASPA Week Celebration will be organised this year. Talk of *clean up exercises, health walk and screening, cooking and eating competition, football matches, donations, movie night, glow in the dark party, et all This year, the best is yet to come. Let us vote for Kwame Jnr Essumang No1 on the ballot for NASPA President

Policy 8 Purchasing of Backup Plant for the Secretariat

Issues with uploading details of personal for the timely releasing of the monthly allowance can be heightened when the office faces power outages during working hours. This backup plant will go a long way to assist the secretariat in executing their duties in the best interest of the service personnel in the metro.

Policy 9 See something say something

With the latest exposé on sex for grades scandal by BBC, the NASPA Kumasi Metro will not take chances with “Sex for Upgrades” in the Metro. Through the office of the Women’s Commissioner, a support group will be set to help protect the ladies especially from some of these happenings. So if you See something, say something to protect our ladies.

The above policies are the first ever thing to happen to NASPA. Especially eiwi the business development and awards.

We think if voted for, may change and bring a face for NASPA….


What is your view?


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General News

2020 Is Year Of Roads – Says Gov’t




Government has announced its intention to embark on a massive road construction project in 2020, describing the coming year as “The Year of Roads.”

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, made the announcement in Parliament on Wednesday, November 13, 2019, as he presented the 2020 Budget Statement and Economic Policy of the Akufo-Addo’s administration.

The announcement comes after days of violent protests in some parts of Ghana over poor road networks.

“Today the cry everywhere in Ghana is about the poor state of our roads. It is an unprecedented cry and it makes you wonder where all the roads in the NDC’s Green Book are,” he bemoaned.

“Mr. Speaker, this is why we are going to focus more on fixing our roads across the country in 2020 and beyond. To get the road sector moving and contractors back to work, government will pay 80% of all contractors,” according to him.

“Mr. Speaker, Ghanaians want action on our roads, not words or plans or Green Book claims about what has been done. We intend to swing into action and let our work do the talking for us,” he added.

He said Government has identified critical roads across each of the 16 regions and construction would begin on all these critical roads soon.

He added that “Cocobod has also secured funds to continue with ongoing and new cocoa roads.”

According to him, work on these roads will also commence soon.

“As part of our new initiative to complement the traditional execution of road projects, we have launched the Accelerated Community Road Improvement Initiative,” he said.

Just this month, he said, the Ministry of Finance released funds to the 48 Engineers Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces, who are busy working on some roads in communities in Greater Accra.

The first phase of the Sinohydro arrangement, he announced, is finally taking off.

“We have also been able to mobilize the financing for over 150 roads nation-wide,” he said.


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