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How my early experience with sex is destroying my beautiful marriage




I still remember the first day I was forced to have sex. I was 18 and in love with a gentleman who promised me heaven on earth. He treated me like I was his everything until that fateful day.

I was in his room on a visit. That was my third or so visit. My previous visits had been event free. I trusted him not to hurt me but that day he was different.

He pounced on me as though he was fighting a bull. I resisted. I fought him with every strength I had. He succeeded in forcefully taken what he wanted. I’ve never experienced pain that intense. I cried. I begged. I kept hitting on his chest to leave me alone. He wouldn’t listen. He had his way and I had my worse pain ever.

All sweaty and barely breathing, he apologized to me but I was in so much pain I couldn’t utter a word. I struggled to stand on my feet and when the pain subsided a little, I left and went home. I never saw him again. He said everything to make me reconsider him but I didn’t. I moved on.

Some years later I fell for another guy. Good looking and well mannered. But I couldn’t trust him not to hurt me. However hard he tried, I never visited his home. I resisted every attempt to be alone with him in any way.

He couldn’t stand me and “My drama” as he called it. He left me. I wanted him to stay. I promised I would change but I couldn’t simply change for him. I was too scared to go through such pain again.

And then Richie, the guy who is now my husband came along. He came with a promise of marriage. I didn’t trust him at first but as time went on he was able to make me open up to him. I told him about that sex experience. He understood my fears and tried to help me get over them.

We never had sex until finally we got married.

Everybody speaks highly of their honeymoon but I can’t do the same. It was terrible that night. He virtually had to fight me to get it and I had to clench my butt, squeeze my thighs and pull my muscles together before he could slip in. At a point, I felt my abdomen was being ripped apart. The pain was so unbearable.

He wanted another one but I threatened to scream for the whole hotel to hear. He stopped. We spent three days at the hotel and the only time we had sex was that once.

I love being married. Everything is beautiful except sex. I remember one night after fighting over sex and denying him, I made a stupid statement like; “If you like, get sex from other women and leave me alone.” I didn’t mean it but I felt I had to do or say anything just to free myself.

I met a gynecologist. There was nothing wrong with me. We attended a series of counseling. The counselor said I’ve had a painful experience with sex so I’ve developed psychological resistance to sex. That’s how come I Always experience pains. He said It might not even be pains but rather my mind playing back my past experience.

What I go through during sex isn’t a memory of past pain. It’s a real pain that feels like hell in my lower abdomen.

My husband started withdrawing. I could see in his actions that he was frustrated with me. He started coming home late after work and stopped talking to me. He’ll travel and not tell me or visit his parents and not tell me about it.

One day when he returned from his parents, he told me; “You won’t have sex with me so how do we start making babies?” Now I started thinking about it. I love babies. I want three of them and that means a lot of sex but how?

I started doing some exercise they said will help open up this and that in my body to help me enjoy sex. One night I decided to test if the exercise I had done will yield results so I called for a ‘match’. He was surprised because it was the first time I had specifically asked for sex. That night I nearly died. But I had to bear the pain till the end.

It’s been a year already in marriage and I could count the number of times we’ve had sex on my fingers. Sometimes I believe my husband is having an affair with another woman and will soon bring their kids home to me. That has been my worse fear. He’s mostly pensive and talks a lot on the phone. He could stay in bed till late in the night and be chatting with people.

How My Wife Disappeared During Our Wedding

I want to rescue my marriage. I want to do everything to keep the man I married but it’s not easy. I don’t want to keep blaming that guy who forcefully had his way with me when I was young but I curse him anytime the memory of that fateful day comes to mind. He stole something from me that I can’t get it back however hard I try. Karma should deal with him.

I’m currently on some herbal drugs a good friend of mine prescribed to me. She told me it has worked magic for her and would solve my problem. I want to believe it would because I need healing and I need it quick.

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Why Yvonne Nelson Did Not Attend John Dumelo’s Wedding




Over the weekend, actor John Dumelo had his white wedding at Royal Senchi and that had been one of the most trending news till now.

Several celebrities trooped to the event grounds to support the couple but one person missing in action was his ex bestie Yvonne Nelson.

From the pictures and videos circulating online, we had seen Nadia Buari who happened to be the main bride’s maid, Yvonne Okoro, Sandra Ankobiah, Jackie Appiah and several others.

Yvonne Nelson who was missing even though she was in the country sent a very strong message across. Were they fighting thus she didn’t go? Were there issues between the two so John didn’t invite her?

Well, according to Yvonne Okoro, John invited Yvonne Nelson to his white wedding but there was a family emergency and she had to cancel at the last minute.

That’s what Yvonne Okoro explained to a fan who asked why her colleague Yvonne Nelson was nowhere to be found.

Even if Yvonne Nelson had an emergency to attend to, it’s been almost 48 hours after the event but she hasn’t made a single post to congratulate her bosom friend John but she has made a series of posts both on her Instagram page and story.

This is where we think there is something wrong; the two paddies might probably be quarreling thus she didn’t attend his wedding and hasn’t posted anything yet. Let’s see if she will post eventually.

Here’s a screenshot of Yvonne Okoro telling a fan the reason why Yvonne Nelson couldn’t make it to John’s wedding.

Source: peace

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Chris Attoh’s Wife Was Already Married




Chris Attoh with Bettie Jenifer

Bettie Jenifer, deceased wife of Chris Attoh was already married before she decided to tie the knot with the Ghanaian actor and broadcaster.

She was married to 47-year-old Kedrick Jenifer, who is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for importing large amounts of cocaine into Baltimore from Texas, NEWS-ONE has gathered.

Bettie, 44, was shot dead on Friday while leaving her Maryland office, according to police report. She left her office in the 6300 block of Ivy Lane about 5:00 pm and was walking to her car when a man armed with a handgun approached her.

When she tried to run away, the man followed her and fired multiple rounds. At least one bullet struck her in the head, police said.

The suspect took off in a vehicle. Police described the suspect as black and having a thin build with black hair. He was wearing dark clothing and may have been in a blue car.

Chris Attoh, who got married to Bettie in October 2018 following his divorce from his first wife, DamiloIa Adegbite, has been quiet.

He has also declined to comment on the death of his wife and issues relating to their marriage.

According to spokesperson for his talent agency called Waka Talent Agency, the family wants to mourn in private.

“Waka Talent Agency is saddened by the death of Bettie Jenifer, who was married to our client, Mr. Chris Attoh. We would like to note that the family has requested to mourn in private and therefore will not be doing any press interviews or commenting on the death,” USA news outlet quoted the spokesman.

The US website described Bettie’s first husband as a “drug Lord’.

The U.S. District Attorney’s Office has also said the kingpin’s “Jenifer drug trafficking organization” distributed at least 450 kilograms of cocaine in Baltimore and Woodbridge, Virginia.

“Kedrick Jenifer lived large as a major Baltimore drug dealer, but now he will lose all of his toys and live for two decades in federal prison,” U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein said in a news release after his sentencing, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Court records show that Kedrick Jenifer filed for a divorce on April 9. Bettie Jenifer then filed for divorce six days later.  USA police confirmed Bettie’s shooting was targeted and not a random incident.

Source: dailyguidenetwork

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Upper East Tertiary Artiste of the Year releases single.




At the NUGS Excellence Awards organised this year, one of the prestigious categories was the Upper East Tertiary Artiste of the year. Checking the vote pulls, it was one category that garnered a lot of votes. The winner however has come out weeks after the awards to release his Debut single.

Minister Gideon Kwabah as he is called, worked so hard through the direction of the Holy Spirit to come out with this single.

The song is titled Jesus has take it off. Speaking to Minister Gideon Kwabah he told us God through his Holy Spirit helped him come out with the song following the realisation and his recognition that most souls are carrying heavy loads. So the song thus is to inspire them to come to his cross and he will give them rest.

You can get the song at SoundCloud, search Jesus has take it off by Minister Gideon Kwabah.


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